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10 Aug 2015

01 Jun 2015

09 Apr 2015

Custom Projects


Praktiker created the largest bulgarian DIY online store based on the Summer Cart platform.

Praktiker`s online shop is a great news for households across the country.

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Mtel chose to build their online store on the Summer Cart platform.

Mtel`s online store has the capacity to perform all operations which are carried out in a physical retail shop.


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Sofia's famous retailstore chain for consumer electronics & domestic appliances Techno Mix have chose Summer Cart platform for their online store.


Т is constantly evolving business with an excellent marketing.

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The famous online shop for baby strollers and clothes switched to Summer Cart platform.

All mum`s favorite store is opening new horizons for development.

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The new online pharmacy is using Summer Cart. impresses with a wide variety of over 10 000 products in the categories of food supplements, organic products, medicines, cosmetics and others.

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The most cute shop for children's shoes in Romania.

The online store Pantofiori Veseli is a rapidly growing online business with multiple integrations.

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The online store of the popular Bulgarian retail chain Viva Accessories is a long time now beyond the borders of our country. is unquestionably one of our favorite projects. Why? Simply because it has evolved and keeps evolving! Constantly and without a compromise!

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The biggest online store in Azerbaijan is now using Summer Cart. is one of the best examples for an online store that sells all over the world using English, Russian and Azerbaijani language.


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Vikiwat Ltd. are opening an impressive online store for Bulgaria and abroad. offers a choice of over 15 000 electronic components and lighting.


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From the popular website for herbs and spices are optimizing their business in Bulgaria, as well as getting ready for the foreign markets.

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