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Date: 20 Aug 2014

Vikiwat Ltd. are opening an impressive online store for  Bulgaria and abroad. offers a choice of over 15 000 electronic components and lighting.


Vikiwat Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers for electronic components and lighting in Bulgaria. The company was founded in 1991 and its main business includes import, wholesale and retail, service and engineering on the field of electronics. The company has a large physical shop, big warehouse space and over 30 000 items, which include a great variety of electronic components, electrical equipment, cables, insulation materials, automation, lighting, tools, semiconductors, domestic and industrial power supplies, chargers and accessories.


In a word, impressive business! Such a business requires a stable online store corresponding to the size of the company. That`s why they chose the Summer Cart platform for their e-commerce venture. The truth is that this is a second try for the company to create a flawlessly running online shop, but very soon they have exhausted the X-cart`s platform capabilities.

Having a different platform on the start of the Summer Cart project was not a problem at all. Our software specialists have transferred all products with their details and of course, maintained all URL addresses so the company doesn`t lose valuable SEO positions. The result is obvious – now at you can find more than 15 000 individual products.


Such a serious number of products almost always requires integration of the Summer Cart platform with an external ERP system.In this case – flawless integration with the ERP system of OPAK.For even better handling and ease of administration of the store we have created a system for automatic translation of product data in different languages and complementary system for questioning to a particular product. We have also made additional improvements of the product filters, so the customers can navigate easily and quickly in the online store.


For a better overall management of the shop we have created a separate accounts for every employee, we have added numerous reports and statements, as well as an option for editing multiple products or categories with just a few clicks.


At last, but not least we have further optimized the performance of we have created an integrated design concept that meets all modern requirements (also called responsive design for mobile devices).


Currently the project continues to develop and to provide a growing market share for the company not only in Bulgaria, but also on the international markets.





Миграция на данни от X-Cart със запазване на Url адресите

Интеграция на дизайн концепция

Responsive design

Интеграция с ERP система – ОРАК

Система за превеждане на продуктовите данни на различни езици

Автоматично поставяне на воден знак на снимките

Усъвършенствана система за филтрация на продуктите

Система за задаване на въпроси към продуктите

Система за логване и отчитане на свършената работа от администраторите

Оптимизация на бързодействието на сайта и SEO оптимизации

Многобройни специално създадени отчети

Множествена редакция на продукти и категории

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