30+ ready-to-use payment methods

Accept credit cards using any of the 30 fully secure payment modules built into Summer Cart shopping cart. All payment methods are ready-to-use, easy to setup, built-in, secure and reliable, so your customers will safely finish their purchases without any trouble.  More

6 Free Skins

6 Free Skins + Free built-in design editor: create any design that you like with the powerful design editor.

You may choose one of the free skins - Chameleon, Onyx, Greeny, Bookstore, Snow or Rainbow or buy a paid skin, or order a unique design. More

Real-time shipping integrations and 5 more shipping methods

Summer Cart gets real-time shipping calculations from UPS, USPS, FedEx and Canada Post. Moreover, your store can offer free shipping, flat rate or weight-based shipping cost. Another convenient option are multiple shipping and billing addresses in your Summer Cart store. More

Marketing Tools

Select from a choice of marketing tools. Making a promotion for your store is just a few clicks away. With Summer Cart you have over 10 different instruments to lure customers into buying. More

Best SEO

We are confident in Summer Cart SEO. Being best is not easy, and takes hundreds hours of research, consultation with promominent SEO specialists, and dedication to build a platform that has it all. We offer Summer Cart to anyone who is hungry for new customers and wants to be on the first page of Google. More

Sell from day one

Summer Cart has support for Google Product Search (Google Base).

With the help of the Google Base product feed you can show your products to millions of searching visitors, looking specifically to buy products. Attract customers from day one. More

Sell on Facebook

It takes a Facebook user to understand that other Facebook users don't like to leave Facebook. Having your products on the largest social network is the next natural evolutionary step for your shop.

The fact that selling on Facebook is easy with Summer Cart should not fool you. You will still harness the power of 600 million users.

With 600 million potential customers you don't want to miss a share of the pie, do you? More

Multilanguage & Multicurrency

Selling abroad is as easy as it gets. 39 built-in currencies, and 5 language packs, plus you may add your own.

Not ready for the international market yet? Get Summer Cart and keep your options open. More