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10 Aug 2015

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Date: 18 Aug 2014 are selling the highest quality herbs and spices using the Summer Cart platform.


From the popular website for herbs and spices are optimizing their performance in Bulgaria, as well as getting ready for the foreign markets.

We are proud to introduce one of the jewels in our crown – the online store Summer Cart`s team has performed a migration of around 8,000 products and over 1000 articles from the old website and has managed to keep the URL addresses of all products in order to maintain the top positions of in Google. We have also made an integration of the e-shop with Atlantis ERP system, so the administration of online and offline orders is done through a single system. Along with this, our designers created a design according to the customer`s concept, plus adaptive (responsive) design for mobile devices. The owners of the online herbal pharmacy are constantly thinking how to improve the shopping experience for their clients, therefore they put on us to develop modifications for the search engine of the site, overall speed performance, SEO optimization and many other adaptations of Summer Cart platform to their successful business model.

От 2006 г. Since 2006 Bilki Ltd. is selling a wide range of high quality herbs and they have a licensed (under government regulations) herbal pharmacy in Sofia. The company proudly states that all products are under the control of five state institutions.

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