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What's new in Summer Cart 6.0 Anna


Quick view of the products + Hover View

Thanks to the „Quick View“ and the „Hover View“ your e-shop will look like the world's leaders in e-commerce Victoria's Secret, La Redoute, H&M, La Perla, Reebok, Samsung.

  • Hover view
    While watching the product page, just by pointing the mouse, Your clients will be able to see all the necessary information about each product – all the pictures, available sizes, colours, options, variants, and etc.
  • Quick View
    In a Pop-Up window your clients will be able to see the basic information about each product such as name, pictures, price, and rating without having to open the product page. With the Quick View option your e-shop will look like the world's leaders in e-commerce like La Redoute, H&M, La Perla, Reebok, Samsung.
Summer Cart
Summer Cart

This exclusive feature is mainly used by sites which offer clothes, shoes, toys, luxury goods, computers, electronics, appliances, and etc.


Quick Search

Summer Cart New hit functionality that is used by the leaders in the e-commerce world such as Sony, Samsung, Asus. How does it work? In a few words - QUICKLY and EFFECIENTLY. The visitor types 3-4 letters and in a matter of seconds, without clicking your Summer Cart shows all the products that match the search with their image, short description and price Besides that, the online merchant decides which products should be shown first: the cheapest, the most expensive, the newest, or the oldest.


New inovative vision + 42 built-in design templates + HTML5

Summer Cart 6.0 comes with 42 exquisite built-in skin templates with vivid colours and themes. Besides the thematically developed templates you will get many multipurpose skins suitable for each business. The powerful tool called Design Editor can still be used to customize the most flexible Chameleon template. With this magical functionality you can create your own unique design absolutely free. All 42 skins in Summer Cart 6.0 are developed upon HTML5.

Summer Cart

Mobile version
with a responsive design

Summer Cart The responsive design is the latest trend in developing mobile versions of sites and e-shops.
Now with Summer Cart 6.0 your shop has a responsive design, which means that:
- it will look GREAT on tablets and smartphones
- perfect for touch screen devices
- the design adapts automatically according to the resolution of the device
- always looks good


Perfected product options and variants

Now you can add small images to the product options

and provide a better choice for your customers.

Summer Cart If your products have different colours, variants, and specialties now you can present them to your clients with images instead of colours and text. Modernize the look of your shop, following the example of Victoria’s Secret, AMAZON, EBAY, La Redoute. With our new version you can show every little detail, following the best practices in the e-commerce world. Your clients would want to see a dress in both red and white, to see which one they like better.
Summer Cart

Version 6.0 allows you to upload little images to the product options and show them in the „Quick View“ „Hover View“ and in the detailed product page.
- Intuitive, bidirectional link between images and variants of a product. (In the previous versions you had to choose the variant first and its image used to be displayd aftwrwards)
- Global Options now work as filters in the clients' area
- Mass update of variants in the admin area and indication which variants are linked with images and which are not



Built-in Image Crop Tool

Summer Cart With the help of this tool you can crop out the unnecessary part of an image and thus direct the attention to a specific part of it . With an ease like never before, you can emphasize the details you want to stand out and to be seen by your clients. That's why we have decided that we should empower our clients with this great tool that gives them the ability to point the attention in the desired direction. And if they are different sizes the tool will automatically crop them identically.


Mark your products with new cool icons

Summer CartFor each of your products you can add special icons which grab attention and show some benefit like „Top offer“, „Hot“, „Free Shipping“, „Hit of the week“, „Most wanted“, „Recommended“, „New“, „Best deal“, „Special offer“, „Expiring offer“, „Outlet“. During the initial upload of your products you can mark them with special icons which can be displayed wherever you wish in the product image.


Mass Update of the products + Instant Edit of one product

Summer CartMass Update of the products

We have decided to give you this powerful tool which gives you the unique opportunity for a mass product update. In a matter of seconds you can change the quantity, the price, the weight, the category and the brand/manufacturer of the chosen products. This novelty puts an end to the endless clicking product by product and gives you the ability to update multiple products in a matter of seconds.

Instant Edit of a product

You have a big list of products in you admin area, don't you? Now, while you are looking at the list of all the products, you edit them instantly. You can edit the name, price, quantity, SKU code of a product in a matter of seconds.

Summer Cart

New ultra flexible slider, with 16 effects, compatible with tablets and smart phones

Summer CartVersion 6.0 provides you with one of the most beautiful, ultra flexible and easy-to-work-with sliders . Nivo slider is javascript based and provides you with 16 beautiful slider effects. Your banners will be displayed wherever you wish and are accessible from any device.
- Each tablet
- Each computer
- Each smartphone
Summer Cart

Another advantage is that it automatically resizes the images according to the size predetermined by you. You don't have to do it manually – all of your photos will be unified in a matter of seconds.
Another improvement is that now you can create banners that don't lead to another page or product, but just inform your clients for present or future promos, news and events about your shop.



Estimated Shippng Cost

Summer CartExtended recent research by Summer Cart shows that 65% of the online customers abandon their cart when they see high shipping cost at the end and would describe their experience in this e-shop as rather „disappointing“. You don't like unexpected surprises either, do you?
Hit novelty in Summer Cart 6.0 is showing the estimated shipping cost in the product page, before the customer has even added the product in his basket. This is a great way to spare your clients the bitter taste of the unknown and gain their trust The estiomated shipping cost works with the Speedy, Econt, and In Time couriers and with the „Table based“ and „Flat-rate“ shipping modules.


Even more payment modules

In Summer Cart 6.0 we have integrated more payment modules
- Bulgaria – new payment module is Cellum, which makes the total count of Bulgarian payment modules 13;
- Turkey – 9 new Turkish banks ING bank, CitiBank, Kuveyt Türk Bank, Limasol Türk Kooperatif Bankası, Creditwest Bank, Asbank, Kıbrıs Vakıflar Bankası, Near East Bank, Akfinans Bank; that makes the total count of Turkish payment modules 19
- Romania – Rom Card is a new payment module, which completes the existing 4 modules,,, ;
- International – We have integrated Gate2Shop, Card Save, Payment Sense, Secure Trading и PayEx, which makes the total count of international payment modules 25.
Summer Cart


In Time shipping module

Summer Cart 6.0 has integrated module for In Time courier. Software integration between Summer Cart and In Time allows real-time calculating of the shipping cost, generating a way-bill, and requesting a courier without leaving your Summer Cart. This is the first e-commerce integration of In Time and its exclusively made for Summer Cart
Summer Cart


Perfect SEO with microformats

Summer Cart 6.0 supports microformat tags for HTML5. All serach engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing use the information from these tags to improve the positioning of your site in the search results, displaying more specific information for your products such as name, description, price, image

  • What is is a joint project of Google, Yahoo и Bing.
  • Why do Google, Bing, Yandex и Yahoo cooperate? Aren't they rivals?
    The goal of these companies is to create and maintain a general standard, that can be used by them for finding structured information and showing exact results in the search.

The good news for the Summer Cart merchants is that they get integrated support for and therefore excellent SEO


Better SEO with Alt Tag of product images

As advanced as they are the Search Engines still cannot describe an image with words. But you can – you can write text for each of your product images directly from the admin area. Your text can be used by Google for better positioning of your site in a standard search by key words and in a Google image search.

Another improvement is that now you can choose the number of news displayed on your home page. Our previous versions used to display only three. But we have decided that the more is always better.  


Sell more accessories and realted products

Summer Cart You probably like it when you shop in Amazon and after adding a product in your basket, you see suggestions that perfectly complete your choice. Clients often tend to like these suggestions and imperceptibly buy more products. Depending on the market particularities these can increase the total count of your sells With 30% to 50%.


Additional clients fields in the forms for registration, order, invoicing

Summer CartNow you can create additional fields, which your clients can fill in during the registration and order. If you wish, these fields can be displayed in the invoice and the way-bill also. These fields can be:
- For Bulgaria – UIC, Identity Card number, additional information
- For Romania – client's bank account number, specific address format
- For Turkey – tax branch, tax nuber, Turkish Identity Card number
Moreover, these fields can be used as a successful marketing strategy – you can ask your clients for their birthday, interests, how they have found you and etc.


Built-in function for Backup and Restore.

  • „Backup and Restore“ is a huge advantage in case you make a mistake in a setting that can lead to a server problem, or if your employee causes an irreversible damage to your shop and you can't fix it. For you safety and comfort in Summer Cart 6.0 you can archivate your fully set online shop with no technical knowledge required. This archive can be downloaded anytime in case you unwittingly make an unintentional error. Anytime you wish you can restore your shop to its state at the moment of the Backup. .
  • „Emergency Restore“ is a tool our Support Professionals can use to restore your shop to a working condition. „Emerency restore“ is your life belt in case you are unable to access the admin area of your shop. It can only be used in case a Backup was previously made.

Use the Auto Updater to run the latest version of your Summer Cart store

Do you know that Summer Cart has new mini versions each month with nice little Add Ons, speed improvement and patches. Twice or three times a year we launch new modules and serious renewals. You can get all of this with the Auto Updater tool. Quickly and easily, and with no technical knowledge required you will get the newest version of Summer Cart. Online merchants update their stores manually only when they decide to do so.


Built-in HTML code editor (New with Summer Cart 6.0)

Summer CartIf you have any knowledge in HTML and CSS now you can make changes in the design template of your shop directly from the admin area. Even if something goes wrong you can restore the initial code. No matter if you want to develop exclusive design or just make slight changes in the existing template you can easily learn to manage the template structure of Summer Cart.

Other improvements in Summer Cart 6.0

20. Updated Facebook „Like” button

Summer CartIn order to be second to none in Facebook and get numerous likes for your products, we have updated the “Like” button in Summer Cart 6.0. It is up to you whether this button is visible, and where in the product page it will be displayed. .

21. Full control of the Zoom of your images

Summer Cart Summer Cart

With summer Cart 6.0 you have full control on Zoom image functionality. You choose where exactly you want the zoomed image of your products to be displayed.. You can choose the position of the zoomed image in the page. It can be on top , on the left, on the right, beneath the main product page.

22. 15. Compare products from different classes and categories

With Summer Cart 6.0 you clients can compare all of your products, no matter of their class nor category. In normal life, in a brick-and-mortar shop customers they compare monitors with TV screens, mobile phones with tablets, skirts with dresses, lipstick with eye shadows and etc. Why not let them do that in your Summer Cart?

23. Customised Terms and Conditions

With Summer cart 6.0 you can easily manage your „Terms and Conditions“. This is a must-have for each online shop. Now your Summer Cart can directly insert your clients' data into „Terms and Conditions“ text specially customized for them. The date, the purchased item, the price and the shipping cost are automatically inserted and you are the one that determines which data to be taken.

Summer Cart

24. Uploading multiple images for a product at once

25. Autoamically changing the currency when the language is changed

26. Arranging the Brands/Manufacturers according to your desire or alphabetically

27. Option to hide the SKU code and the weight of a product in the product page

28. The latest version of the text editor(CKeditor)

Summer Cart 6.0 comes with the latest version of the text editor(CKeditor)6.0 which increasingly eases the content managing. It provides you with multiple functions which you can use directly on your web pages. After a research among our customers for the most used functions, we have divided the CKeditor in two types: -Summer Cart version with the 33 most used text editing options; -Full version with 64 text editing options

29. Import with Excel

The previous Summer Cart versions used to support import only with CSV file. Now, Summer Cart 6.0 allows you to use Excel CSV file.

30. Better navigation in the Admin Area

a. Online merchants will be able to manage their Summer Cart shops even faster, thanks to the renewed intuitive menu in version 6.0. Without even having to think about it you can perform your daily routines quickly and efficiently. We have always aimed to help and ease our customers and save them precious time, providing them with convenient, logical and easy-to-work-with system..

b. Add Ons menu. For your convenience, in Summer cart 6.0 we have created a separate menu for all the additional modules, installed in your shop. Each module has options which you can easily manage, activate or deactivate.

Summer Cart