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Content Management


Manage your content like a pro

No website management experience necessary. With Summer Cart you can easily manage all aspects to the content management direcly from the admin area. The CMS is user-friendly and very easy to use.

Any merchant can, on their own, without technical experience::

  • use any of the 4 built-in skins
  • create new pages
  • use WYSIWYG editor to manage content
  • create and edit menu items
  • create new menus
  • publish news
  • create news
  • rearrange any of the client area boxes
Summer Cart
  • add image galleries
  • add banners
  • add Skype button and Facebook ‚Like“
  • add additional scripts like Web analytics or Live chat

From day one you can easily enter information about your company, partners, add articles and other useful to your customers info.

Summer Cart

Corporate website and online store all-in-one

If you don't have a company website, you don't have to look for another CMS system to build your website, because you can use Summer Cart both as corporate website, and fully functional online store.

  • Summer Cart's admin area is logical and easy to use
  • No technical experience necessary
  • One stop place to control everyhing in your site - menu "Content Management"
  • Use the built-in WYSIWYG editor (XHTML editor), which is as easy as Word
Summer Cart

Create your own forms

Following the needs of your business you can create speicifc web forms, like "Reseller Application Form“, "Request additional services“, "Quote Request“ and others. Of course, you can edit the „Contact form“ as you see fit. Summer Cart supports 13 different field types to use as form items, including custom fields.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Create new pages

We know that you as a merchant will want to show your business in the best possible light, and present useful information to the clients. That's why you can have unlimited number of pages, and the pages management takes minimum effort. Creating new pages has never been easier:

  • Type the text in and make it visually applealing with the help of the WYSIWYG editor
  • You can directly add HTML content
  • Like the page to a menu of your choice
  • Optionally, for SEO purposes, write a custom url address for this page
  • Enter SEO title, keywords and description


In a few minutes you can add a news. We know that regular news updates are something that the customers want and that's why with Summer Cart it's easy to always have fresh, useful and interesting news for your site visitors.

In the section „News“ you have a WYSIWYG editor, so that you can style the text and, if you want, you can add images, video, and links to other pages, products, categories or sites.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Rearrange your store design in seconds

Want to rearrange the site design or change the menus? Summer Cart has a number of options:

  • Each menu item in the horizontal or vertical menus can link to external or internal page, form, gallery and can have an icon
  • Summer Cart supports boxes with custom XHTML content
  • Drag-and-drop rearrangement of site boxes
  • You can change the menus in seconds
  • Unlimited number of layouts - each page, category or product can have different design
  • supports Top, Left, Right and Bottom areas
  • fully template based

Banners placement

Often the online stores place banners to promote products. Others also put banners of partner sites. You can put your banner in Summer Cart easily. You just need to cratea a custom XHTML box, and put your banner into it. If you want to put a banner into the main page area, then you can use the WYSIWYG editor of that page - this includes the dynamic pages like the home page, product and category pages. In both cases you need less than minute! Remember to have you banners in the correct size for your site design.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Add Skype button, Facebook “Like”

You can add a button to connect via Skype anywhere on your site - you decide the most suitable place - – header, footer, left or right column.

Add a link to your Facebook page, or „live up“ the site with the interactive Facebook social plugin? On your own, in a few minutes, you add these, and any other script, to your Summer Cart store.

Summer Cart is fully template based, and is open source - this is the ultimate flexibility - you are free to customize anything you want, and all it takes is a a few simple steps.


Add additional scripts like Web analytics or Live chat

If you think that additional script like Web Analytics, live chat, or any other application could be useful to you or your visitors, you can added them on your own. You can use a „Custom HTML box“ and add the script code, or you can always edit the design templates.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Built-in Email Newsletter

Clients will be happy to receive news for promotions, new products or discounts and Summer Cart gives you all you need to implement successful email marketing campaigns.

  • A visual editor helps you easily create well-arranged emails and send them to thousands with just one button.
  • If you have a list of emails you gathered outside the online shop, you can easily add them to your subscribers.
  • Detailed statistics give insights to the success and conversion rates of your email newsletter.
  • Statistics are daily and summarized for number of emails sent, opened and clicked-through.
  • We don't want to risk you being marked as spammer – each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
  • The newsletter is multilingual: it recognizes the customer's language automatically taking into consideration what language was used during the registration.