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Complete SEO


Search-engine friendly URLs

Search engine friendly URLs is an automatic option in Summer Cart activated with one click which has a proven positive effect for your site's optimization.

How does it work?

  • Everything starts with your products' names – you write reasonable names of the products and categories, e.g. a category „Children clothing for three-year olds“
  • The name of the category or product is automatically added in the link of this page, such as
  • Summer Cart automatically performs an automatic valid transliteration of the product names in other alphabets to Latin according to all rules of Google
  • Summer Cart automatically adds .html in the end of the link
Summer Cart
Without doing anything more than just enter your products you will receive hundreds of links with relevant keywords looking like static HTML and ordered in the necessary structure following Google rules. Regardless if you have 50 or 5 000 products, all the product catalog contents will be indexed, i.e. read by the search engines, which practically means the online shop will have much greater chances to appear on top positions for various keywords.
Summer Cart

Structure following Google rules

Summer Cart architecture follows entirely the SEO rules of the largest search engines Google and Yahoo.

Summer Cart

  • Summer Cart has the correct page structure – for example, in the product pages H1 is the name of the product, H2 is its short description; in the category page H1 is the name of the top category, H2 are the names of the subcategories;
  • Summer Cart follows the XHTML and CSS standards
  • The shop's architecture from the very beginning has been designed in a way allowing the easiest possible searching and indexing of the entire content.
Many Summer Cart clients share with pride that they are on top positions in Google within 4-6 months after the shop start, with their own efforts, without using the services of SEO experts. The facts are eloquent: we have online shops in Google's top 10 for computers, laptops, mobile phones, perfumes, shoes, bags, necklaces, beads, hair accessories, animal shops, audio books, bikes, LEDs, solar panels.

META tags on 3 levels

Each page in Summer Cart has META tags on 3 levels – Title, Meta description and Meta keywords, filled-in directly from the admin area of the shop without a need to dig into the HTML code of the site.

It is not necessary to know what meta tags are to benefit from them. They are one of the oldest optimization rules and we have taken care for their use to be as easy as possible for each online merchant.

In the administrative area of Summer Cart there are fields with the name „SEO keywords“ and „SEO description“. You only need to fill in what is most important for a certain product or category in the form of 10-20 keywords or key phrases (our advice is not to repeat the normal product description), and Summer Cart places them in META tags, making the indexation of the site even easier and thus helping for better positioning.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart
Special web addresses – if you did not like how a link in the online shop is displayed, you can change it. For example instead of you change it to

Automatic SEO and special URLs

A special Title Tag with automatic options – a unique function you will not find in any other ecommerce platform. For each page, product, category you can write or generate any text in the Title Tag. The best is that Summer Cart automates the process, using 4 types of variables.

  • %%COMPANY_NAME%% i.e. online shop name
  • %%PAGE_NAME%% i.e. page name (applies for each page in the website and the shop, i.e. product, category, news or any dynamic or static page)
  • %%CATEGORY_NAME%% i.e. name of category
  • %%CATEGORY_BRANCH%% i.e. the path for the category from the subcategory to the top category

These variables can be arranged in any order the merchant or their SEO expert may think necessary. Thus product name + category + category path + shop name will be shown directly in the title of the page and will be replaced automatically for each page.


XML sitemap for Google, Yahoo, Bing

Summer Cart
Summer Cart automatically generates an XML file with information helping Google, Yahoo and Bing index all your pages. The XML file follows the official sitemap protocol required by the search engines. In order to see the contents of your XML Sitemap write /sitemap.xml after the web address of your online shop, e.g.
Summer Cart

Rich Snippets for Google and Yahoo

These are special excerpts shown in the natural search engine results. The Summer Cart e-shop supports 2 Rich Snippet formats:

  • microformat used by Google; Summer Cart supports hReview и hProduct microformats, which is actually all Google supports;
  • RDFa, rich snippet format for Yahoo;