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Archive of Summer Cart version 4.0 - Payment, Shipping, Tax


International Payment Methods

We support wide range of popular payment processors - you can accept payments online no matter which country your business is based in. All listed payment modules are ready for immediate use, 25 are built-in Summer Cart 4.0, and we install the rest for free upon request. All of them work without a glitch and are used in online stores from all over the world.

Built-in payment modules:


Other payment methods

Choose any of the payment methods below, or your preferred payment processor and we can develop it for free (upon our consent).
Please contact us for more info.


4 Paypal modules

Planning to use PayPal? Did you know that PayPal is not a single service - PayPal offers different options targeted at the varying merchant needs. Are you certain which PayPal service you will use? If not, or you plan to use different services, then choose Summer Cart - we supports 4 different PayPal services, namely "Website Payments Standard", "PayPal Express", "Payflow Pro" and "Website Payments Pro".

  • PayPal has more than 150 million total accounts is available in 190 countries and territories. Accepting PayPal does increase sales, so don't miss out.

Built-in PayPal modules:


10 shipping modules

You are free to calculate the shipping fees your charge in completely flexible way, just use the 10 built-in shipping calculation modules. And even better - you can combine them the way you see fit.

  • flat rate shipping – e.g. the shipping costs $5, irrespective of weight and order amount
  • free shipping – the merchant has many options how and when to offer it – first, you select the region where the free shipping is valid, after that you choose if there is a minimum order amount for the free shipping, if it is limited to specific product category or categories, specific products, clients, client groups or manufacturers
  • digital delivery – if you sell e-goods you can use digital delivery
  • fee based on weight or order amount
  • real time shipping quotes from UPS, USPS, FedEx and CanadaPost
  • real time shipping quotes from Speedy
  • real time shipping quotes from Econt Express

All shipping modules are built-in and ready for immediate use.

We believe that your customers should have the convienience to store multiple addresses, and with Summer Cart your customers can select any previous address that they have used.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Flexible tax system

  • You can setup different tax zones – for example, if your online store is EU-based and sells in EU and abroad, for orders in EU you include VAT, and for the orders outside EU you don't;
  • You can setup any number of tax classes and rates – some goods might have lower or higher tax rate (e.g. many EU countries have several VAT rates, Canada Provinces have different rates, US states have different sales tax);

17 country specific payment modules

Summer Cart supports a number of country specific payment modules. These localized modules are perfect when targeting one of the listed countries:

Bulgarian payment modules:

Turkish payment modules:

Romanian payment modules: