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Archive of Summer Cart version 5.0 features

What’s new in Summer Cart 5.0

Create your own unique design for 0.00 EUR

In Summer Cart version 5.0 we added a powerful, yet simple design editor, built-in directly in the admin panel of the online shop. This way you have absolute freedom of changing the shop’s design and fitting it to your needs.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart

With several clicks you change:

  • Background and layout of each page in the shop;
  • Shape and color of buttons;
  • Font and color of boxes;
  • Main navigation with complex drop-down menus and submenus
  • Product categories in horizontal and vertical menus;
  • 5 types of headers and 5 types of footers;
  • Drag-and-drop boxes in the left, right, top and bottom fields;
  • Design changes get updated in real time;

  • Completely free
  • For less than 30 minutes !!!
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No designer’s assistance needed

See a QUICK DEMO of the Design editor in Summer Cart 5.0


Create your own ad banners for 0.00 EUR

Summer Cart 5.0 comes with a Banner generator. Without technical knowledge or special software everyone will be able to create attractive ad banners, with animated 2D and 3D effects, rotating pictures and moving texts.

There are additional extras too:

  • Each banner slide links to any page inside or outside the shop
  • Each banner has the most important statistics – number of impressions, raw clicks, unique clicks, Click-Through-Rate. You will easily understand which ad message attracts the greatest interest.
Summer Cart

Checkout in 10 seconds with One-page checkout

You know shopping is a pleasure but paying at the cash desk is not. This is exactly why in version 5.0 we significantly improved the checkout process and created the fastest one – the best one-page checkout you've ever seen. This allows customers to finish their order quickly and easily, to fill in important details with no hassle or boredom.

  • The whole checkout is on one page.
  • Your customers need 10 seconds only to fill all data
  • No boring long forms or hidden information
  • Clients “go through the cash desk” calmly and confidently
  • Important data such as addresses, payment and delivery methods, additional taxes are structured in the easiest way to understand.
Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Cutting-edge product filters


With the new filters in Summer Cart 5.0 you can sell for example 200 shoe models and 100 computer models in one and the same online shop, all in the same user-friendly way. Our example may seem funny, but the store's features are absolutely real. There are 14 types of product filters in version 5.0.

Your clients will shop easily using a number of filters:

  • Sliders
  • Lists
  • Compact lists
  • Price range
  • Value range
  • Manufacturer and category selections
  • Drop-down selections
  • Checkboxes

To achieve this, as a merchant you have product classes and 9 types of attributes, related to product categories and unlimited number of additional product fields. In theory it sounds complicated, but practically the flexible filters of Summer Cart 5.0 logically follow your unique business model and products' characteristics.


Facebook login for customers


Your clients can log into your store with their Facebook accounts. You know yet another registration on a website is such a headache. That's why we integrated the Facebook login service – also known as Facebook Connect. Facebook login is a free feature in Summer Cart 5.0 and is different from the paid add-on module “Facebook shop”.

Summer Cart
Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Your products in Google Shopping


In Summer Cart 5.0 you will find a product feed in the Google Base format. Using it you will be able to add your products in the huge shopping and price comparison system Google Shopping.


Even more marketing tools

Marketing tools have always been a priority for Summer Cart platform. Version 5.0 will make merchants happy with new options for acquiring and pampering clients:

  • Discounts per payment method
    For example, the merchant may set a 2% discount on the order amount if the payment is made by wire transfer.
  • “Custom products” box
    “Custom products” are an addition to “Featured products”, “Bestsellers” and “New products”, and include items specially selected by the merchant.
  • Flexible combination of discounts
    For example, you may allow “Free delivery” discount to be combined with “Weekly promotion 10%”, but not to sum-up to “Total sale 30%”;
  • Hidden categories of products
Summer Cart
Summer Cart

Mini shopping cart

Mini cart (also known as Javascript cart) enables clients to shop faster and easier – they choose a product, click on “Buy” and the product jumps into their cart with an animated effect. Visitors remain on the current page with products and continue browsing. The mini cart differs from the standard one because it does not interrupt the browsing experience and is more user-friendly.


The new template Chameleon

Version 5.0 comes with the cutting-edge template “Chameleon” for the clients area. Chameleon is the sixth built-in design for Summer Cart. Merchants who do not like the colorful “Chameleon” can use the black style of the Onyx template, or the practical simplicity of Bookstore, Greeny, Snow and Rainbow templates.

Summer Cart

Ready-to-use templates for the Contact page

Summer Cart

For the first time we offer ready-to-use and stylish layouts for the Contact page and the contact form. Moreover, you have a choice among 4 different options. The Contact page includes a contact form, telephone, your working time and an integrated Google map. With no technical knowledge and no designer’s time you'll show a corporate look to everyone who wants to contact you.

Summer Cart

The easiest Product Comparison

Summer Cart

We seriously changed the way “Compare products” works in clients area. Now you can compare unlimited number of products at a time, and comparison will appear in a new window. The best part is that the system automatically highlights the different characteristics! Your clients will be really happy to make comparison with no efforts.


Fixed prices in different currencies

Let's explain with an example what “fixed prices in different currencies” means. Imagine you sell bikes and do it successfully in UK and US. Sometimes foreign markets impose different price levels on products. Here is when “fixed prices in different currencies” come into use. In Summer Cart online store you can sell one and the same model of bike for 500 EUR to European clients and for 600 USD to overseas customers. Quite a difference, right?

Another use of fixed prices is to have “nice” rounded prices – if you convert precisely the price from the above example you will get 651.19 USD, which you can round up to 652 USD.

Remember that if you insist on mathematic accuracy and precise currency conversion you may not use the fixed prices. Summer Cart supports automatic update of currency rates and automatic recalculation of prices without change.


New payment modules in Summer Cart 5.0

Summer Cart

- 5 new international payment modules We added SaferPay, iTransact, eWay,, PayPal Website Payments Pro - all as built-in payment methods, ready to use; The total number of international payment methods now is 20.

- Bulgaria We added a payment module of the system With 12 Bulgarian modules altogether the online store Summer Cart supports all possible online payment methods in Bulgaria. Now Summer Cart supports multiple bank accounts for merchants using wire transfer.

- Turkey We have 2 new modules for the banks Yapi Kredi Bank and Garanti 3D Secure, with which the total number of Turkish payment methods comes to 11;

- Romania As a beginning we integrated 4 new payment methods - , , ,;

- Greece We added the first payment module for Greece – integration with the virtual POS terminal of Eurobank Greece;


Better shopping experience for clients


  • Zoom of pictures in the Product details page
  • Product options of type “color” are really displayed as colors – especially useful for merchants, selling clothes, shoes, home textile and other goods with color variants.
  • Significantly improved Profile pages for the clients.
  • Better-looking emails
  • Customers can print Proforma invoice directly after they filed an order with wire transfer
Summer CartSummer Cart
And many other additions in Summer Cart 5.0

Prices including and excluding Tax

Prices of products can be displayed simultaneously with and without VAT, for convenience of merchants in business-to-business and business-to-customer retail.

Adding files to a product

Apart from the short and the long description, some products may need to show special additional materials for demonstration and help to users. In version 5.0 you can now attach technical specification, instructions of use, music or video file to a certain product.

5 checkout modules

Besides “One-page checkout”, which is the fastest one, you also have a choice of 4 more checkout modules: 2-page checkout; standard 4-page checkout; PayPal Express checkout and Google Checkout.

Improvements in general settings:

  • Merchants may set a minimum order amount
  • Merchants may hide the fax field in user registration and checkout
  • Redirection to Home page in case you encounter non-existing page (error 404)

Additions for geeks:

  • Improved import, that now allows you to import even 100 000 products at a time;
  • Easier management of Related products and Bundled products;
  • Cache of product catalog – it speeds up website loading and reduces server load;
  • The product feed has been extended - now it includes product options, variants and wholesale prices;

New in shipping modules

  • each product can have an individual shipping price
  • a new improved module for the leading courier company in Bulgaria “Econt Express” – online shops with Summer Cart version 4.0 already received this module as a free addition in August 2011;

Complex drop-down menus

In version 5.0 a random number of submenus can be added to your main navigation – this way you can create complex drop-down menus, such as the menu of the new free template Chameleon.


Small SEO improvements

We improved the built-in XML Sitemap to support over 50 000 products and removed some duplicate content in the Home page.


Colors of order statuses

This is small and funny, but very useful feature for merchants with plenty of orders in the online shop – this eases the everyday management of orders and helps sales monitoring;


Improvements for international trade

  • 12 formats of client addresses, compatible to different country standards
    Your customers will see their adresses in the format used in their country. This is not applicable for data entry form, just for addresses visualization only.
  • Free language packs for Romanian, Spanish and Russian, in addition to the built-in languages English, Bulgarian and Turkish.
  • Automatic updates of currency rates from the Bulgarian National Bank and the National Bank of Romania

Summer Cart 5.0 has an extended SOAP API interface and supports synchronization of:

  • roduct files
  • attribute intervals
  • global options
  • product variants
  • related products
  • customer groups
  • The above new items only add up to the existing synchronization of products, categories, manufacturers, product classes, attributes, local options, set of products, orders, product pictures, clients and client addresses.