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Products and SEO

Manage your products with the utmost ease no matter if you have 500 or 30 000 items!

Unlimited possibilities to present your products

We know that the product catalog is key to your success. That's why in Summer Cart e-shop you can easily add:

  • unlimited number of products and categories
  • unlimited images
  • a minimum order amount
  • short and long product descriptions, category description
  • retail and wholesale prices
  • quantities in stock
  • SEO titles, keywords and descriptions

You also have many features for advanced merchants:

  • Product options with a price variation – very practical for electronics, technology, books merchants;
  • Filtering of products based on characteristics, manufacturer and price range – help your clients find the best product for their budget and the preferred characteristics – very useful feature for merchants of baby and child clothing, jewelery, equipment, electronics;
  • Product bundles – you can sell two complementary products (e.g. a laptop and a laptop bag) on a total price better than if bought separately;
  • Product variants - an excellent feature for merchants of clothing and shoes, whose goods are offered in a series of colors and sizes.
  • Each variant has its own image, quantity in stock, retail and wholesale price;

If products and images are too many to submit one-by-one or if you have a product list in Excel, you can automatically “load” and update the online shop with the help of:

100% optimized for Google (SEO)

Summer Cart online store complies entirely to the technological requirements of the leading search engine Google. Many Summer Cart clients share with pride that they are on top positions in Google within 4-6 months after the start, with their own efforts, without using the services of SEO experts.

  • Search-engine-friendly URLs
  • Architecture compliant with the rules of Google and Yahoo
  • МЕТА tags on 3 levels
  • Custom URLs + enhanced control on web addresses with the use of 4 types of variables
  • Support of Sitemap protocol
  • Rich Snippets for Google and Yahoo
  • Google Shopping integration
  • Support of microformats
  • Better SEO with Alt Tag descriptions of product images

Quick view + Hover View of products

Thanks to the „Quick View“ and the „Hover View“ your e-shop will look like the world's leaders in e-commerce Victoria's Secret, La Redoute, H&M, La Perla, Reebok, Samsung.

  • Hover view:
    While watching the product page, just by pointing the mouse, Your clients will be able to see all the necessary information about each product – all the pictures, available sizes, colours, options, variants.
  • Quick view:
    In a Pop-Up window your clients will be able to see the basic information about each product such as name, pictures, price, and rating without having to open the product page.

These exclusive features are mainly used by sites which sell clothes, shoes, toys, luxury goods, computers, electronics, appliances, and etc.

Cool product icons

Quick Search of Products

The visitor types 3-4 letters and in a matter of 1-2 seconds, without clicking anywhere your Summer Cart shows all matching products with their image, short description and price.

Besides that, the online merchant decides which products should be shown first: the cheapest, the most expensive, the newest, or the oldest.