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Amazing flexibility and freedom in marketing initiatives

The most flexible discounts you have ever seen

It will be a pleasure for you to create promotions – not just because it is easy and takes just a few clicks, but also because you have more than 10 practical settings at your hands.

  • discounts as a percentage or fixed amount
  • applied per product or on the total amount of an order
  • a minimum order amount or a minimum order quantity
  • applying a discount to selected categories, products, clients, client groups or manufacturers, or any combination between them
  • coupons have the same flexible settings
  • „Free shipping“ discount has the same flexible settings
  • A stimulating system to win free shipping
    Your customers will see a notice "Your order is 47.30 USD, buy for 2.70 USD more and win a free shipping!".

Bonus points

An excellent tool to create a loyal client base. Your clients can gain bonus points in various ways:

  • recommending a product to a friend
  • writing a review for a product
  • rating a product
  • placing bigger orders
  • when their offer receives a status “delivered”
  • the merchant configures how many bonus points will be given and the system works automatically
  • bonus points can be used separately or in combination with real money

Sell more with related products and bundles

You can add unlimited number of “Related products” to each product. When the client has just seen and liked a product, showing them more similar goods, which are likely to fit their taste often leads to cross-sale and upsale..

You can also combine 2 or more products (e.g. a laptop and a bag for it) in a bundle and entice customers to buy more.

Product reviews and ratings

If you are selling high-quality products, you want this to be well-known, don't you? Future clients are much more likely to buy a product with positive client reviews.

Summer Cart provides flexible options to approve ratings and reviews.

Cutting-edge product filters

Your clients will shop easily using a number of filters.

  • sliders
  • colour boxes and selection of small pics
  • text and digits
  • price ranges are automatically generated
  • drop-down selections
  • multiple check boxes
  • lists
  • compact lists

Product filters are so useful for the buyers of electronics, auto spare parts and tires, clothes and shoes.

Practically the filters in Summer Cart shopping cart are so flexible that they logically follow any business model and product characteristics.

Retail and wholesale prices

Each product can have a retail price, multiple wholesale prices and discounts for quantities. All prices are amazingly easy to set and manage.

The merchants group their partners, dealers, resellers etc. in the so-called “client groups” and define the discounts to be given for purchases, including discount for quantities. Summer Cart automatically displays the correct wholesale prices corresponding to each partner.

Email newsletter

Your clients will be happy to receive news for promotions, new products or discounts and Summer Cart gives you all you need to implement successful email marketing campaigns.

  • Easily create beautiful emails with the help of a visual editor
  • Easily add a list of email addresses
  • You have detailed statistics for the success of the newsletter
  • Be ethical and lawful, add a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
  • The newsletter is multilingual: it recognizes the customer's language automatically taking into consideration what language was used during the registration.

Sell from day 1

In Summer Cart you will find a product feed in the Google Base format. Using it you will be able to add your products in the huge shopping and price comparison system Google Shopping.

  • you can export products in an XML feed to distribute them in other marketplaces

Checkout in 10 seconds with One-page checkout

You know shopping is a pleasure but paying at the cash desk is not. This is we have One-page checkout.

  • All required information is collected at 1 page
  • Your customers need 10 seconds only to fill all data
  • No boring long forms or hidden information
  • Clients “go through the cash desk” calmly and confidently

Sell on Facebook + Login with Facebook

Your clients can log into your store with their Facebook accounts. This service is also known as Facebook Connect.

You can also start selling your products in Facebook just in 1 click using the Facebook application of Summer Cart.