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Custom Development

Enhance your business now. It couldn't be easier.

Summer Cart team can create custom modules or tweak the core of the Summer Cart ecommerce system following your specifications and requirements. If you want to enhance some features or add new functions in the ecommerce system Summer Cart team can accommodate and custom develop any tool for your online business. We offer a full range of shopping cart customization services. Our developers know the system inside out and we believe we are the best for the job. The expertise of Summer Cart team involves:

  • Modifications of Summer Cart shopping cart to match your business needs
  • Add-on modules to follow your work process
  • Professionally performed upgrades
  • Advanced security issues
  • High usability issues
  • Cross-selling and upselling modules
  • ROI tracking applications
  • Additional modules for SEO

Why choose us?

A reseach1 among experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs reveals that the success of an online store firmly depends on the quality of recources put in. It also shows that the technical expertise of Summer Cart developers can cut your time to market as much as 3 times. 

Whether your business is large or small, you will have a world-class programming team working hard to provide your company with custom improvements of the ecommerce system. Get the powerful Summer Cart ecommerce software and easily enhance it to your business goals with the professional help of our developers team.

Key advantages of Summer Cart development team

  • The best technical expertise for Summer Cart system
  • Solid experience in diverse ecommerce projects
  • Summer Cart team is part of Mirchev Ideas team, which is a recognized provider of software development services
  • PHP 5 Zend Certified developers
  • High quality code
  • Fast delivery
  • Attention to detail
  • Utilization of advanced software development tools

1. The research has been privately held by Mirchev Ideas Ltd from February 1 to July 31 2008, prior to the launch of the Summer Cart shopping cart. Target audience was clusterly selected within Mirchev Ideas' customer database. The aim of the research was to gather information about critical technical problems in popular shopping carts, frequently required improvements, and time to reaction in troubleshooting.